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Professional London Based DJ mixing the finest in Hip Hop, Rnb, Greek, Afro Beats, Reggaeton, UK Garage and more

"Immersed in the vibes of old school Hip Hop, RnB, Reggaeton and inspired by the rise of UK Garage, my journey began with a passion for uniting diverse musical genres to entertain every audience. At the young age of 14, I started mixing tracks at engagements and christenings, honing my craft that would soon see me DJing for my university in London. My dedication to creating the perfect atmosphere led me to professional DJ services for weddings and grand events across London, United Kingdom and Cyprus. Size never mattered; it was the vibes and good energy that transformed each gathering. With a lifelong passion for music and an eye on the future of the industry, I am your go-to professional DJ in London, committed to elevating your event with an unforgettable soundtrack."

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With a decade of experience as a professional open format DJ, I’ve mastered the art of versatility, ensuring no event type is off-limits during delivery of my services. My expertise extends from synergizing with live bands to curating the perfect playlist for wedding receptions, cocktail parties, and after-parties. DJ Stav embodies flexibility and a keen ability to resonate with all audiences. Whether you’re in the heart of London or its vibrant surroundings, my professional DJ services promise to adapt and enhance every celebration with impeccable musical finesse.


Bringing the magic of music to your special day, I specialize in DJing weddings with a personal touch. My expertise lies in crafting the perfect ambiance for your celebration, ensuring every moment is accompanied by a soundtrack that reflects your unique love story. From the first dance to the last, my DJ services will set the tone for a day filled with joy, love, and unforgettable memories.

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Electrify your corporate events with my expert DJ services, where professionalism meets the pulse of the party. I bring over a decade of experience to every corporate function, ensuring a seamless blend of music that suits the professional atmosphere while keeping the energy high. From conferences to company celebrations, my DJ skills will provide the perfect backdrop to network, celebrate, and create lasting impressions.


Whether you’re toasting to a future together at your engagement party, celebrating a new beginning at a christening, or marking another year at a birthday bash, my DJ services are the heartbeat of every celebration. I bring a personalized playlist to each event, ensuring that the music not only sets the mood but becomes a memorable part of your special occasion. Let’s make every milestone an event to remember with the perfect mix of music and merriment.

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